What is Opinum Data Hub?

Our Data Hub is a secured Cloud-based platform that allows energy and environmental actors to centralise, enhance, analyse, and visualize their data. Because our Data Hub is designed exclusively for energy and environmental actors, it includes built-in industry-standard rules, capabilities, and analytics, which enable our clients to exploit their data more precisely, quickly, and securely.



Eliminate your silos and unlock your data

Create your data model and centralize all your data in the Opinum Data Hub by using our API or connectors such as FTP, OPC UA, LoRa, Sigfox, etc. Bring together timeseries, status, calendar and metadata.



Build & run your own algorithms

Industrialize the processing of your algorithms with the Opinum Data Hub. Implement your business logic into the platform and store the results for further usage in dashboards, alerts and reports.


View & Share

Leverage your data

Build dashboards, reports and alerts on top of your raw or calculated data. Integrate your data into business flows and create sharing rules across your organisation or to external audience.



Create on top of our REST API

Build your own application on top of our REST API. The API exposes all the features of the platform as well as the entire data library. 

About Opinum

Opinum contributes to a better environment and to the energy transition enabling energy and environmental actors to leverage the untapped potential of data. Our digital platform, designed for energy and environmental actors, covers all the steps in the data management value chain to allow our clients disregard the complex data plumbing and focus on their core value and expertise. Major utilities and technology companies trust us as a key partner in their digital transformation journey. More info.

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